JSME 日本金融学会2022年春季大会

Program Day 2 - May. 15 (Sun.)

Invited Lecture 13:00~14:15

Room A Invited Lecture

Mahito Uchida (Seijo University)

Vice Chair
Masao Nakata (Seijo University)

A Functional Perspective of Financial System―Revisited

Presenter: Yuri Okina(Chairperson, The Japan Research Institute, Limited)

Symposium 14:30~16:30

Room A Symposium

Takahide Kiuchi (Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.)

Vice Chair
Yasuo Goto (Seijo University)

Presenter: Noriyuki Yanagawa(Professor, University of Tokyo)

Presenter: Hiromi Yamaoka(Director, Future Corporation)

Presenter: Hajime Takata(Chief director, Okasan Global Research Center)

Discussant: Tsutomu Muramoto(Professor emeritus, Seijo University)